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Diploma in Retail Management

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February 27, 2019
2 Years 6 Months


Retail management is about managing the whole retail process, from the raw materials through to the final products that are sold to the consumer. It is therefore an incredibly broad sector and one that opens up a wide range of career options for you. Retail is critical to the growth of the global economy: in the UK alone, it accounts for approximately 11 per cent of all employment, 5 per cent of GDP and 35 per cent of consumer spreading. The retail industry is the largest employer in the UK, employing over three million people.

Malaysia is ranked as the 4th Best Shopping Destination in the world (Source: Global Shopper Index Survey). Millions of shoppers visit Malaysia each year and this number is expected to rise sharply over the next few years. This means we need more retails staff and better qualified professionals. A total of 454,190 new jobs will be created in the Wholesale and Retail sector by 2020. Jobs will be created in many areas of this sector such as modernizing small retailers, setting up wellness resorts, big box boulevards, virtual malls, large format stores, transforming KLIA into retail hub to name a few. This sector is going to play a very critical role in the development of our nation which is why the wholesale & Retail sector is classified as one of the 12 national Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) within the ETP.



Graduates will be equipped to succeed in the dynamics and challenge world of retail, whether that’s managing a large high street department store, a supermarket, an online store, or one with multi-channel outlets. With a balance of vocational and academic modules – this program is designed to maximize your employability skills and help you succeed in this growing industry.

The aim of this course is to equip you with a sound knowledge about retail management with a focus to hone your skills to analyse and critically evaluate as well as to foster your creativity and innovation. Among the areas that you will learn are managing merchandise and store operation, managing sales and service delivery, providing a safe working environment, administering human resources policy, controlling inventory, marketing, implementing staff training and assessing workplace competencies.



Retail managers oversee everything that makes a store work, from behind the scenes functions ( such as buying, inventory, and merchandising ) to the sales floor ( Such as sales and customer service) Some common task you can expect to perform during your retail management career include:


  • Hiring, Managing and Motivating a team to increase sales
  • Overseeing vendors and the buying process
  • Managing Inventory
  • Creating and maintaining store displays
  • Developing and executing sales and promotions
  • Analysing market trends and researching competitors
  • Monitoring sales figures and forecasting future sales volumes, and meeting sales quotas
  • Dealing with questions, complaints, and comments from customers
  • Monitoring budgets, controlling expenses, and maximizing profits



There is no shortage of opportunities for our retail management graduates as they are guaranteed to show proficiency in establishing, managing, and developing a retail business. The retail management industry offers dynamics careers for individuals processing the right qualifications. Among the types of jobs available include being a retail buyer, retail manager, sales manager, Operation manager, Distribution Centre manager , Commercial analyst.



SPM / O-LEVELS / UEC or equivalent with minimum of 3 credits